Black Torx with Pin Pan Head Precision M4 Machine Screw


Welcome the black Torx with pin pan head precision M4 machine screw, the epitome of solid design and engineering excellence.



Shaped with a flat top and smooth rounded sides, our M4 machine screw elegantly combines form and functionality.

Distinguishable from oval head screws that bear a rounded top and tapered bases, it comes with a perfectly flat top that sits flush against the surface when fastened.

What sets the screw apart is the torx drive with a pin, a feature designed to enhance security.

The pin in the center of the torx drive makes it difficult to unscrew without a specialized tool.

And this makes the screw an excellent choice when tamper resistance is critical.

In addition, coated in a sleek black finish, this screw is not only robust but also lends a polished look to your finished product.

In summary, embrace our M4 machine screw, where craftsmanship meets design innovation for optimal results.

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