Big Truss Head M3 Machine Screw With Nylock


Discover our big truss head M3 machine screw with Nylock, an embodiment of durability and steadfast fastening designed for secure mating.



Crafted from high-quality steel, these M3 machine screws are a testament to dependability, promising a lifespan surpassing your expectations.

The straight-shank fasteners boast external threads for pairing with pre-tapped holes or nuts, ensuring an effective and secure mating thread.

But it doesn’t stop there; they aim at providing an unshakeable connection between a metal lathe and metal studs, consequently augmenting the overall stability of your assembly.

Additionally, with the added advantage of a Nylock feature, the risk of the screw loosening under vibrations or torque is significantly mitigated.

Thus, investing in our M3 machine screw means embracing a seamless, worry-free fastening experience.

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