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Self Locking SEMS Screws, Philips Pan Head

Head type:   Pan

Drive type : Phillips

Material  :   Stainless Steel 

Thread  :    Machine thread with blue patch

Standard:    GB/T9074.4

MOQ  :      100,000pcs 

Productivity: 10,000,000pcs

Product Detail

  Self Locking Blue Nylok Patch Screw   

It is a dry-to-the-touch pre-applied film for threaded fasteners. It remains inert on the fastener until assembly of the threads releases a quick curing resin. The resin fills all the voids in the threads and cures to securely lock and seal the assembly. With a flat washer and spring washer, its self locking function exert much better and provide a bigger anti-vibration force. 
Material       Carbon steel/ Stainless 304, 316,201
Size       #4-#14 (3.5-6.3mm)  
Surface      Plain with blue patch 
Length       3/8''--1-1/2''
Thread         Machine thread
 Head Type       Pan head with spring washer and flat washer
Certificate      ISO 9001, RoHS, SGS, Bureau Veritas

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