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Screws for Plastic2016-06-12
Do you know how many types screws can be used for plastic? As I know there are 5 types. 1.Type AB or B thread tapping screws. 2. Hi-Lo Thread Tapping Screws. 3. Type 25 Thread Cutting Screws...
Screws Point Type2016-05-28
 Here are listed 6 screws point type. Per type have its own usage for.                              Type 17 ...
H&S Sales, Inc. Acqires Nuts&Bolts Products2016-03-11
TIFI Holds 1st New Generation Social2016-03-11
One-Shot Dry Drilling Process(K)2016-03-07
 Drilling composite/metal stacks has usually involved multistep operations to permit the use of drill tools optimized for each material. This requires either tool changes or the use of multi...
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