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Strive together to success


 The company invited the Dean of Madman College Andy teacher to all of our export colleagues to do a wonderful lesson. Which talked a little "funnel principle", the individual quite agree. Sales of the funnel principle, for example, you give 2000 customers wrote a development letter, you may only 20 customers back to you, the last inquiry of only three, the final deal of a. That is, in front of enough bedding to be possible to obtain success in the final.

In fact, whether it is to do sales, recruitment or do anything else, only the basis of the previous lay, the future can have good results. If you do not build a house to build the foundation, then the house is bound to tilt, crack the situation; stage 3 minutes of wonderful performances, it is certainly after the audience 3 years or even longer practice; you only after constant contact with customers, Introduce our team to customers, customers will understand us, be possible to cooperate with us.
So, want to succeed, must do enough effort!
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